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At Black & Brahman we understand that you work hard to earn your money. That's why our trainers first teach you how to trade safely by educating you on the potential dangers of trading and how to mitigate these risks with simple but effective methods.


Unlike many other trading educators, our flagship trading masterclass doesn't see trading as a get-rich-quick scheme, but instead a long-term system generating a more predictable income. This provides our learners with the confidence they need whilst they trade.


After you have initially mastered trading safely and reliably, we then teach you how to build upon this by teaching you techniques to make your trades as profitable as possible; allowing you to reach your financial goals faster and more efficiently.


the amount you get from your winning trades


the amount you lose on your losing trades

Why trade?

Property ladder

Travel more

Improve finances

Better lifestyle

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Introduction to Trading
This course is for people who are new to trading or looking to refresh their knowledge of the fundamentals of trading. You can book your place on this course free of charge to help you kick-start your journey.

In-person Trading Masterclass
Our Flagship course, the Trading Masterclass will provide you with all the information that a retail trader will need to become a professional, with the ability to trade their own funds; safely, reliably and profitably.

Online Trading Masterclass
You can now learn everything on our Trading Masterclass from the comfort of your own home. Access the Online Masterclass using a computer, tablet or mobile, anywhere at any time!

Trading Masterclass Plus
For those who are looking for bigger and faster returns, the Trading Masterclass Plus Package is the perfect option! With the flagship masterclass at its core; the plus package is adapted to teach traders how to take systematic risks to allow them to maximise their profits.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • YOE: 20
  • LRN: 500
  • CTRI: 5
  • OPART: 90
  • CPD: 4
  • PAA: 20

We Take Pride In Our Numbers

Years of Experience
learners outperformed average retail trader
0 %
per annum achieved on average
CPD products

What's Our Strategy?

Trading Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Professional traders know there is no truer statement when it comes to trading. During our training course we provide you with the tools to develop both a strategic and operational trading plan. Using these tools, your personal mentor will work with you to develop a personalised trading plan that not only fits your lifestyle, but will also be effective throughout your trading career.

Trading Psychology

Take the emotion out of trading!

Does this sound familiar? You've opened a trade which ended up losing you money. As a reaction, you put on a riskier trade than you usually would in the hope of at least making your money back. Due to trade being un-calculated and rash, it then loses you even more money. This is one example of many where emotions (not trading ability) have led to someone losing money, where a trader who understood the psychology of trading would have been much better off.


Confidence is key!

Included in the price of our masterclass is your own personal mentor. Research shows that having a mentor (among other benefits) provides the confidence needed to correctly implement the trading plan, and therefore, have the best chance of generating your desired returns.


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